Our Services

Paid Search Marketing

From campaign strategy and development to analysis and optimization, we provide clients with paid search marketing services across Google AdWords, Bing Ads Center, and Yahoo Gemini.


Maximize your brand exposure on the web through effective display marketing. With texts, images, and videos, we can help you deliver cost effective advertisements and brand messages to reach new audiences and re-target your site visitors.

Social Media

Through social media digital discovery, we leverage all social platforms to put the right products in front of the right people. Our proven success across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin relies on curating high intent user lists and tracking the entire user journey.


The most effective way to build brand awareness is no doubt through video. There is no better way to target users and drive measurable results for video content than through online video distribution channels such as Youtube, Virool, and Twitch.


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to retain your prospective customers in the upper/middle funnel while driving profitable customer actions. Mantra Digital’s content site for education (Everything Careers) has helped clients increase their program demands as well as brand awareness.


With custom-responsive e-mail templates, we ensure that your e-mail marketing enhances the relationship between you and your most important customers as well as future perspective ones.


By tracking every user who has been exposed to your brand – whether it is through visiting your website, watching your videos, clicking on your ads, reading your e-mails, or even following your social media channels – we are able to retarget them and serve ads accordingly on social media platforms as well as e-mail, video, and IP remarketing.


Grow your brand visibility in organic search engine results by improving your website ranking on search engine sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves. Whether you have a new niche product offering or have a long legacy of industry success, we’ll ensure your brand identity is maintained while boosting positive brand engagement across all digital platforms.

Reputation Management

Our results-driven reputation management services help improve your negative search results by cutting away your negative links so your positive content can shine through.

Web Development

Your website is the face of your business and the landing page is one of the most crucial elements in successful digital marketing. Let us help you build a fully customizable landing page that increases your conversion rate!

App Development

Every brand should consider all avenues to reach their target demographic. Some campaigns require an integrated app development approach. We can help your brand conceptualize, develop, and optimize apps for brand success.

Our Products


Media Management & Optimization Platform that supports you and your marketing team in lead nurturing.

Features include but are not limited to…

  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Vendor Marketplace & Management
  • Hub Connect: Call Center
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics


Strategic Proprietary Lead Generation & Management Technology that delivers student inquiries in real-time.

Our leads are 100% TCPA compliant, LeadID certified, and data validated through Neustar & Melissa Data.

Sample Proprietary Niche Portals for Education

  • CollegeFinder
  • Psychology College Finder
  • Online MBA Degree Finder
  • Art School Finder
  • Criminal Justice Degree Finder

Everything Careers

  • Native Content Marketing Platform for higher education.
  • Provides valuable education & career content for your prospective students.
  • We work with your marketing team to creative exclusive articles and place banner ads accordingly to ensure maximum brand exposure to the right audience.

Mantral Legal

  • Exclusive, high quality leads for legal professionals.
  • Lead verification and validation processes to ensure higher conversion rate.
  • Over 20 legal lead categories available with customized landing pages for each.

Chat Mantra

We use proprietary artificial intelligence technology as part of our strategy to connect leads to contact center without any human intervention.

  • Increase call success rate
  • Reduce overall cost per call
  • Reduce call centre volume
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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